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    Art Thereafter school is on a mission to ensure that learning and games define the lives of the most vulnerable children at GSA in the new nation of South Sudan.  When the children attend the Good Shepherd Academy founded by Fr. John Daau,  the children recieve christian based education, many of them stepping to the school compound for the first time, but children would always have to play  and to exercise their bodies and mind.  But GSA lacks playground equipment that the children can use. this is why Art Thereafter would like to raise fund to install playground equipment at GSA…..

    “We are an Episcopal Church in St. Cloud, FL and a member of the Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida which covers the greater Orlando area and space coast. We identify ourselves as Evangelical, Episcopal/Anglican, and family centered. We are located in and minister to St. Cloud, FL and it’s wider community.  We are involved in supporting Good Shepherd Academy in South Sudan to raise and equip the next generation of leaders in the new country of South Sudan and beyond”

    Fr. Rob Longbottom, Rector

    The Art Thereafter School

    Our wonderful Art Thereafter School students were recently visited by Fr. John Daau of Good Shepherd Academy, and after expressing great needs in his school, the students felt to be involved in educating children of South Sudan. As part of their commitment our students have raised……………$ 300 of the goal $1700  for play equipment in an effort to support education causes in South Sudan. As part of their efforts,  we would like to invite you to be part of this noble effort to help erect playground for the children at GSa


    Fr. John visited St. Luke’s & St. Peter’s Church in St. Cloud FL in 2016……………………


    Children education is enhanced when its combined with enough games and exercise….the over 200 children will have the opportunity for the first time to use modern playground equipment ………….

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