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  • Admissions

    Admission Process

    We are currently accepting applications from nursery through primary seven (7) for
    the 2022 academic year.

    Download Form

    Application form should be downloaded and printed by guardian of Applying Candidate.


    Fill in the form and ensure you attach the following documents:
    1.Copy of Birth Certificate.
    2. Two Passport Size Photographs.
    3. Copy of identification document for the child.
    4.Copy of last 2 terms’ Report Cards if available.
    5.Copy of passport or ID of the parent or guardian

    Pick and submit application form

    You are welcome to pick up a form from our school or download it on our website. When you have completed filling in the application, you can email it or bring it in person to the office. A non-refundable administration charge is made for each application. This payment must accompany the submission of this form and no application will be processed or accepted without such payment.


    Academic Standing

    GSA is for nursery and primary level education. It enrolls children ages 3 to 14 years. The academy is considerate to all children including those with psychical challenge.  No child is segregated based on culture, tribe, race, religion,  region or geographical locations.

    We regret that we cannot support online admission process at the moment, but you are welcome to email us or make a phone call for inquiries related to admission process. By e- mail, you will also be able to receive an admission packet with additional materials.


    GSA has two intakes in a year. The first intake begins on 2nd week of January. This is the major intake while second intakes starts on the second week of May.

    • Deadline: February
    • Deadline: June

    Contact Head Teacher, and Academic Secretary

    for information related to admission and details please contact the Interim Head Teacher
    Interim Head Teacher
    For academic related matters, contact Secretary for Academics
    Ms. Becky Ateng Biar