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  • Good Shepherd Academy, Gumbo, Juba-Nimule Road, Shirkat, Juba
  • Our Team

    Our Team

    Our teachers are all Christians who love Jesus. They are highly experienced and qualified teachers who are passionate about their respective subjects and passing on their knowledge to the students within our dynamic and diverse community.

    Mr. Deng Abuoi Machar
    Mr. Paul Pabek Matur
    Mr. Bior Bul Bior
    Alith C. Akuei
    Teacher, English & CRE
    Mrs. Josephine Warsuk
    Ms. Martha B. Mabior
    Teacher, Literacy & Numeracy
    Mrs. Rachael Akuol
    Assistant Teacher, Literacy & Numreacy
    Mr. Grey Kompoe
    Teacher, English, Science,
    Ms. Becky Ateeng Biar
    Mr. Duot Bul
    Teacher, Sciences and Evironmental
    Mrs. Tabetha A. Manyok
    Head of Services (Food & Catering)
    Mr. Maghai Piel
    Mr. Abraham Kongoor
    Teacher, English, Science,
    Rev. Daniel Garang Monychol
    Assistant Teacher, Christian Religion Education and Sciences
    Mrs. Irene Atto
    Teacher, English & Maths
    Rose C. Alma
    Teacher, English, Science,
    Mrs. ELizabeth Awak Deng


    Teaching and Support Staff

    Name Gender Role Contact Term
    Fr. John C. Daau M Founder & Director 0920505657
    Mr. Sebit Adwok Jongdit M Deputy Head Teacher 0924488244 2022/2023
    Mr. Bior Bul Bior M School Officer 0920505657 2020/2023
    Ms. Becky Ateeng Biaar F Academic Secretary 0920505657 2019/2023
    Mr. Grey Kompeo M Secretary for Examinations 2021/2023
    Mr. Duot Bul M Secretary for Environment 2021/2023
    Mrs. Martha Bol F Hospitality & Services 2018/2023
    Rev. John C. Awuol M Operations and Programs Assistant

    Parents and Teachers Association 

    Name Gender Role Contact Term
    Mr. Paul Dut Alier M Chairperson 2021/2021
    Mr. Daniel Deng Akol M D/Chairperson 2020/2021
    Mr. Jacob Biar Deng M Treasurer 2020/2021
    M Interim Head Teacher, & PTA Secretary 0920505657 2020/2021
    Mr. Daniel Machar Dhieu M D/Treasurer 2020/2021
    Mr. Abui Julius Odong M Information 2020/2021
    Rev. Peter Garang Thiel M Advisor/Chaplain to PTA 2020/2021
    Mr. Paul Pabek Matur Makur M Member (Teacher) 2020/2021
    Mrs. Loice Joseph Malari. F Member (Teacher) 2020/2021
    Fr. John C. Daau M Founder & Director
    Mrs. Regina Adau Maker F D/Information 2020/2021