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  • Good Shepherd Academy, Gumbo, Juba-Nimule Road, Shirkat, Juba
  • Our Team

    Our Team

    Our  teachers are all Christians who love Jesus. They are highly experienced and qualified teachers who are passionate about their respective subjects and passing on their knowledge to the students within our dynamic and diverse community.

    Paul Pabek Matur
    John Deng Cieng
    Alith C. Akuei
    Teacher, English & CRE
    Mrs. Elizabeth D. Madhor
    Ms. Martha B. Mabior
    Teacher, Literacy & Numeracy
    Mrs. Mary A. Chol
    Assistant Teacher, Literacy & Numreacy
    Mr. David D. Maketh
    Teacher, History, SST, & Mathematics
    Mrs. Elizabeth Y. Reech
    Mr. John B. Deng
    Teacher, English & Sciences
    Mrs. Tabetha A. Manyok
    Head of Services (Food & Catering)
    Achol A. Apiu
    Care Taker, Environment
    Amer T. Awou
    Cook (Food & Hospitality)
    Philip D. Wal
    Assistant Teacher, Christian Religion Education and Sciences
    Mary A. Deng
    Teacher, English & Maths
    Ruben M. Kuir
    Care Taker, Secuirty
    Thon Danial Magot


    Name Gender Role Contact Term
    Biar Kuei Jok M Chairperson 0955189306 2017/2018
    Lina Sandru F D/Chairperson 0958885066 2017/2018
    Rachael Adaau Awai F Treasurer 0956401523 2017/2018
    John Deng Cieng M Head Teacher, & PTA Secretary 0929132798 2017/2018
    Esther Ifuta F Communication 0923536681 2017/2018
    Joseph Mayen Dau M Member 0955525611 2017/2018
    Revd. Andrew Juach Alaak M Member 0955817893 2017/2018
    Daniel Deng Akol M Member 2017/2018
    Kongor Makuei M Member 0955486861 2017/2018
    Mary Ayen Atem F Member 2017/2018
    Adau Makeer Deng F Member 2017/2018