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  • Good Shepherd Academy, Gumbo, Juba-Nimule Road, Shirkat, Juba
  • Subjects and Teachers

    Academic Year 2021-2022

    Class name Teacher Assignments
    English (Literacy) Mr. Duot Bul 5
    Mathematics Mr. Grey Kompoe 8
    Geography Ms. Martha B. Mabior 20
    Sciences Ms. Becky Ateeng Biar 12
    Christian Religion Education Rev. John Ochang Arkulano 25
    History Mrs. Apajok Kon Biar 11
    Social Studies Mrs. Apajok Kon Biar 20

    In 2016, GSA started with 5 faculty members, 117 students and five classes. In its second year of operation, GSA has grown to more than three hundred students in 7 classes, 12 teachers and 7 support staffs in 2017.  One of the most important things we can do for students is not just teaching them knowledge and skills, but help instill in them character, faith, and love of Christ.

    Important Dates

    • half day
    • GSA Dinning Hall
    Mid-Year PTA Meeting

    Year 6 pupils are invited to join us for a Taster Day on either Thursday 19th or Sunday 22nd.

    Key Dates on the GSA Calendar

      • Opening of Term dates 2022
      • End of Term dates 2022
      • Key Holidays 2022
      • Mid Term Examinations
      • End of Term Examinations
      • Parents visiting days
      • Graduation
      • Prayer Days
      • PTA Meetings 2022

      For more information on various key dates, please click here to download GSA 2022 Calendar.