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    Good Shepherd Educational Foundation, USA

    Good Shepherd Educational Foundation is a 501-(c)3 US based organisation. Formerly known as Good Shepherd Leadership Training Center-US, it was established to support training and equipping of the Sudanese Christian leaders in the refugee camps in Kenya and Uganda. Operating and coordinating its activities in Virginia, GSEF is a christian education focus organisation.  Currently, GSEF is the main partner of Good Shepherd Academy  focusing on raising awareness, and connecting resources to support the work of GSA and GSCS. The foundation is run by 13 members Board of Directors who are devoted to fund raise, support the vision of leadership development through christian education in South Sudan and beyond.  With the able leadership of Ms Barbara Nelson, the President, the foundation has grown its partnership and resources to support christian education in South Sudan. Her roles include raising awareness, liaising with US based partners, NGOs, and Churches.

    Good Shepherd Academy (GSA) is a Christian-based not for profit private entity in affiliation with Good Shepherd Educational Foundation, USA (GSEF) and Good Shepherd Foundation South Sudan (GSF). Legally, the academy is incorporated and registered as a subsidiary of GSF, South Sudan by the Ministries of Justice and Education. Following South Sudan curriculum and calendar, the academy embraces collaboration with like-minded institutions and groups, which value education. GSEF  the main partner that rallies and connects supporters to GSA. For more information about GSEF, please contact: Barbara Nelson